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Florist Cote-Vertu
Fleuriste  Salaberry
TEL  514-744-6878
740 boul. Cote-Vertu
St-Laurent  Montreal
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[c158 christmas centerpiece]
c158 roses lilies green
75.00 CAD  
[c145 alstro centerpiece]
c145 roses daisy alstro
55.00 CAD  
[b308 red roses bouquet]
b308 red roses gyps vase
140.00 CAD  
[c118 pretty flowers basket]
c118 carnation daisy green
45.00 CAD  
[c107 white christmas centerpiece]
c107 carnation daisy green
45.00 CAD  
[c156 pretty widow]
c156 daisy wax etc
49.00 CAD  
[c155 pretty sunflower]
c155 sunflower arrangement
49.00 CAD  
[c154 pretty arrangement]
c154 sunflowers aster statis
65.00 CAD  
[c99 halloween basket]
c99 halloween special
65.00 CAD  
[b306 lily roses bouquet]
b306 red roses white lily
75.00 CAD  
[b305 gerbera bouquet]
b305 pink tone gerbera roses
75.00 CAD  
[b252 pink white bouquet]
b252 lily alstro roses
85.00 CAD  
[b304 dozen roses bouquet]
b304 red roses filler flowers
64.00 CAD  
[c153 elegance round flowers]
c153 red roses, pink lily
95.00 CAD  
[b303 cheerful bouquet]
b303 lily gerbera roses green
65.00 CAD  
[b302 white flowers bouquet]
b302 white roses carnation alstro
75.00 CAD  
[c152 pretty flowers basket]
c152 rose lily daisy statis gyps
55.00 CAD  
[b242 white roses bouquet]
b242 white roses wax vase
95.00 CAD  
[b301 long style bouquet]
b301 lily rose gerbera wax
75.00 CAD  
[b300 roses lily flowers bouquet]
b300 red roses white lilies
75.00 CAD  

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ADDRESS : 514-744-6878 Fleuriste Salaberry, florist Cote-Vertu 740 boul. Cote Vertu, Ville Saint-Laurent, Montreal, Quebec Canada    H4L 5C8