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Fleuriste  Salaberry
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St-Laurent  Montreal
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[f114 beautiful flowers arrangement]
f114 forsythia lily roses filler flowers
Name : f114 beautiful flowers arrangement
Price : 95.00 CAD
Delivery Fee : 8.95 CAD
Quantity : number
Total Price : 119.52 CAD TAX Included

Commander par telephone seulement SVP
Please order by phone only

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It's nice flowers arrangement in florist.
It's good for funeral or party arrangement.
Forsythia is flowers of spring.  
If there is no forsythia, we would use the other yellow long flowers.


[f105 blue tone flowers basket]
f105 blue roses, iris,lily flowers
85.00 CAD  
[f106 white funeral flowers]
f106 lily roses fuji flowers
100.00 CAD  
[f107 purple color basekt]
f107 blue roses lily Iris flowers
95.00 CAD  
[f108 elegance arrangement]
f108 lily gerbera alstro daisy flowers
100.00 CAD  
[f110 white beautiful arrangement]
f110 white lily mufflier fuji carnations
100.00 CAD  
[f111 colorful funeral arrangement]
f111 lilys liatris roses solidago
110.00 CAD  
[f114 beautiful flowers arrangement]
f114 forsythia lily roses filler flowers
95.00 CAD  
[b192 Great roses bouquet]
b192 white pink and red roses
225.00 CAD  
[b269 pretty bouquet]
b269 lily roses and greens
50.00 CAD  
[b268 red 2 dozen roses bouquet]
b268 red 24 roses bouquet
100.00 CAD  
[b289 zen style bouquet]
b289 roese, bird of paradise etc
75.00 CAD  
[c083 pretty basket]
c083 roses iris and etc
65.00 CAD  
[f127 elegance funeral arrangement]
f127 callar daisy roses tulip
179.00 CAD  
[c147 pretty bouquet]
c147 roses daisy arrangement
55.00 CAD  
[c146 cheerful arrangement]
c146 roses daisy lily carnations
95.00 CAD  
[b290 lily roses bouquet]
b290 red roses white lilys
95.00 CAD  
[b287 white pink pretty bouquet]
b287 white daisy pink roses
75.00 CAD  
[b288 yellow roses bouquet]
b288 yellow dozen roses
70.00 CAD  
[b291 fifty roses bouquet]
b291 roses speicial bouquet
200.00 CAD  
[c74 red roses arrangement]
c74 red roses etc
75.00 CAD  

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